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Rudy Ratzinger:

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Rudy the Revolutionary. Rudy the poet. Rudy Ratzinger has changed the face of industrial music. Well, Wumpscut did. But Rudy is Wumpscut. Wumpscut is Rudy. What’s Wumpscut? Well, it’s the name of an industrial band out of Germany. They’re responsible for some of the most awesome and influential sounds in music today. It’s not for everyone, of course. It’s an acquired taste. Industrial music is a powerful yet cerebral force. It can destroy a sound system. It’s that good.

Rudy has been creating music since the early 1990s. His one-man operation has released over a dozen full-length albums, along with numerous EPs and singles. Rudy is also a collaborator. He works with other bands, remixes their sounds, DJs, and also established a new standard for packaging deluxe box sets. He loves the unexpected, the unusual noise element, and also makes room in his musical world for female vocals—uncommon in most industrial music.

I sat down with Rudy recently (TWD in L.A., and Rudy in Germany) to discuss his music, art, and life. While Rudy is not the most talkative fellow we’ve met, he still had a lot to say. I asked him if her preferred to conduct the interview in German. But he said English was fine.

The Writing Disorder: I think everyone in the world should listen to your music.
Rudy Ratzinger: Ahaha.

TWD: What music did you listen to growing up?
Rudy: Many different styles — I never was into just one special thing.

TWD: What did you read?
Rudy: Not very much. Music was more interesting.

TWD: What did your mother and father do for a living?
Rudy: Both worked.

TWD: What were you like as a child?
Rudy: Same as now: no impulsive character.

TWD: Any brothers or sisters?
Rudy: No.

TWD: When did music first become important to you?
Rudy: Very early. Music was everywhere — and was much more important than nowadays.

TWD: When did you first start making music of your own?
Rudy: May 1991.

TWD: Did you ever play any musical instruments?
Rudy: No.

TWD: Where does the power in your music come from?
Rudy: Is there power? Thanks. No idea.

TWD: What is your new album like, is there a theme?
Rudy: Not a theme all thru the album.

TWD: What do you do when you’re not working on your music?
Rudy: I have a break.


TWD: Your artwork is pretty amazing.
Rudy: Thanks/will forward your compliment.

TWD: Have you always been artistic?
Rudy: I dont see myself as an artist/I just do what I like.

TWD: What sounds make you angry, happy?
Rudy: I dont like Cybergoth sounds - and I love many others.

TWD: What is your work space like?
Rudy: iMac and Genelec 1080.

TWD: Do you like collaborating?
Rudy: Depends.

TWD: Take us through the process of recording a track for an album, where do you start, etc.
Rudy: No routine start/depends on the sounds I start with. Vocals come last.

TWD: What music do you listen to now?
Rudy: Ahaha, dont ask.

TWD: How long does it take you to record an album?
Rudy: About 2 months.

TWD: Any habits or superstitions going into the studio?
Rudy: Ha, no.

TWD: What would a Wumpscut tour be like?
Rudy: Must be satisfying for ME first of all.

TWD: Where do you like to spend your free time?
Rudy: Outside.

TWD: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Rudy: Hopefully (not) dead.

TWD: What is your home life like now?
Rudy: Harmless.

TWD: What art or things do you collect?
Rudy: None.


TWD: Where do you see music going in the next hundred years?
Rudy: New generations demand new (simple) songs.

TWD: What is your outlook on the future of this planet?
Rudy: It does not care about what we are doing and causing here.

TWD: Name 3 bands you listen to now.
Rudy: Falty DL, Seba, Claude Von Stroke.

TWD: Name your top 3 favorite bands ever.
Rudy: Too many.

TWD: Are you married or single?
Rudy: Single.

TWD: Any children?
Rudy: No.

TWD: Do you ever listen to Elvis Presley?
Rudy: No.

TWD: Do you ever listen to The Beatles?
Rudy: Yes.


TWD: Have you been to Los Angeles?
Rudy: No.

TWD: What do you think of it?
Rudy: No connections.

TWD: Have you been to New York?
Rudy: No.

TWD: What are your 3 favorite Wumpscut songs?
Rudy: Too many.

TWD: What is your favorite Wumpscut album?
Rudy: Too many.

TWD: Do you ever listen to Skinny Puppy?
Rudy: Not very much.

TWD: Would you ever do an album with only female vocals?
Rudy: The crowd does not want this.

TWD: What city do you hate?
Rudy: I dont care.

TWD: What city do you love?
Rudy: I dont care.

TWD: What does the word WUMPSCUT mean?
Rudy: Nothing/pure synthetic.

TWD: What are some of your favorite films?
Rudy: Barry Lyndon, Antichrist, 12 Monkeys.

TWD: What religion do you follow?
Rudy: None.

TWD: Do you believe in Extra-terrestrials?
Rudy: Yes — but they will never come here.

TWD: How long does it take you to write the lyrics for a song?
Rudy: 10 minutes.

TWD: What is your favorite Haujobb album?
Rudy: Ninetynine.


TWD: What country do you still wish to visit?
Rudy: None.

TWD: What is your favorite hobby?
Rudy: I dont have hobbies.

TWD: What is your favorite motorcycle?
Rudy: I dont ride anymore.

TWD: What equipment do you use to record an album?
Rudy: An Apple iMac and a RME Fireface 400.

TWD: What software programs do you use?
Rudy: Cubase.

TWD: Do you work with anyone else when recording — or is it a one man show?
Rudy: One-man show until it comes to record vocals.

TWD: Do you ever plan to perform live?
Rudy: No.

TWD: How long does it take to record one song?
Rudy: Depends — one day to one week.

TWD: How long does it take to record an entire album?
Rudy: About 2 months (including a lot of breaks).

TWD: Who is the first person to hear a new song you recorded?
Rudy: Depends/not important.

TWD: If you weren’t involved with Wumpscut, what would you be doing today?
Rudy: Selling tanks.

TWD: Do you come up with all the items in the boxset packages?
Rudy: Yes.


TWD: What do you think of the Cocteau Twins?
Rudy: They were good.

TWD: What do you think of Led Zeppelin?
Rudy: Great.

TWD: What city do you live in now?
Rudy: LA - 60 km from Munich.

TWD: Where would you like to live?
Rudy: Austria.

TWD: What do you dream about?
Rudy: I dont dream very much.

TWD: What are your nightmares about?
Rudy: I dont have nightmares.

TWD: Do you like to swim?
Rudy: Yes.

TWD: Do you like other musicians?
Rudy: Yes.

TWD: How much time do you spend on the internet per day?
Rudy: 5 hours on working days.

TWD: Do you work in the morning or at night?
Rudy: At night.

TWD: What is your favorite food?
Rudy: Stewed anemone glandlings.

Rudy Ratzinger is the creative force behind Wumpscut, the greatest industrial band in the history of the world. He lives in Germany. All artwork on this page by Rudy.

For more information, go to Wumpscut’s website at

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