the writing disorder


barrie walsh

New Fiction


by Barrie Walsh

       Today it’s the “coathanger,” but the Sydney Harbour Bridge was called the “iron lung.” He doesn’t know the consensus for change or timing, just March 19, 2012 was the 80th anniversary of its opening. He’s at Sydney’s first landmark construction, only Sydney Opera House surpassed it, for its original sobriquet on Friday March 30, 2012 as 3/30/12 is sacred 333=9; this month’s 4th-alignment, after reconnoitering the site 3rd, 12th, & 21st without contact. That’s today, or later tonight when America’s Mega Millions’ drawn, as its US$640-million Jackpot’s a lottery world record & Monty’s curious if its 5-balls numeric 5, like its mega-ball.
      A lot depends on what happened Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade Saturday March 3 regarding 7/31/211/2311 Prime sequence, as its 5th-entity 30zero31 climax at the “iron lung” didn’t eventuate. Intel the RIO float’s unfounded isn’t a given in espionage. His codename Montgomery’s testimony to that, recently learning it reflects 17th UIA Congress Montreal 1990. Christchurch earthquake 1st-anniversary fallout’s immense to an Israeli operation 12.51pm February 22, 2011 when the 6.3-magnitude hit. 3-agents were among the 185-deaths. One with multiple passports in the control van street-parked with 3-others, who fled to Latimer Square extraction & left NZ same day, replaced by diplomats & agents tried infiltrating mortuary & emergency rescue. New Zealand Police claim a 7th-agent’s in the country illegally & NZP computer centre was hacked.
      Monty’s identity crisis began 2/22/2012, as his existence stems from a conference’s “four” to “golf” is “gulf” difference OU=1521 Mayan ‘short-count’ calendar 5th-World End as psychological warfare of Cortes capturing the Aztec Empire nears “long-count” 5th-World End’s 2012 completion.
      At The Rocks CBD end of SHB, Monty recalled what his controller said Lefthander’s Day August 13, 2011. Molly Dooker’s codename is Australian slang for left-handed person & Mayan calendar’s 5th-World began August 13, 3113BC so its 3113+2012=5125 code was now as sacred is inclusive math, not exclusive. He thought Molly paranoid giving him a code to access it if something happens to him. But 6-months later on February 22 Molly’s reported as the agency’s most wanted in going rogue. Monty accessed the deposit box & went A.W.O.L. If its contents didn’t convince him, then his life being threatened did. He doesn’t know Molly’s fate. He’s in Australia following the file’s insight, as Monty’s codename’s also 3113+2012=5125 connected to finding Elene Fontana.
      5125=ELE but he hasn’t deciphered what ne: Fontana is.
      He doesn’t get TRES/MONTREAL difference S/MONAL is SALMON, in Umberto Eco’s Traveling With Salmon. Molly’s file cites Eco’s novel Foucault’s Pendulum refers Tres code’s present day status of year after Knights Templar Black Friday October 1307 arrests they met St Johns Eve to regroup in 36 & then every 120-years. 1308+36=1344; 1464, but 1584’s missed due 1582 Gregorian calendar & re-seek 120-cycles. codeX2000’s 1308+6(2)=1344+666 new millennium diabolical plot as 1344+666=2010, a 2-year missed rendezvous to Maya 2012 Dark Rift climaxing 5@5125=25,625 years as Earth passes the Milky Way centre to Earth’s 1-degree reverse of the heavens every 72-years, an approximate 26,000 cycle as 72x360=25,920.
      Tres is Spanish for three & T-RIO in RIO float’s rendezvous 3/3/12=333. Frustrated & needing action to find Elene Fontana, he walks to a snake charmer beside a bridge stone-pillar, saying. ‘Can’t you play another tune?’
      ‘You not like my snake,’ the Indian stops playing his flute. ‘I tell fortune. I from Lucknow & see you find woman named Elf.’
      ‘ELF,’ startles Monty. If “ene” & “ontana” is dropped, it’s Elene Fontana.
      ‘Yes, ELF; let’s see you hand?’ The Indian began chanting, but Monty’s transfixed on the snake in the basket, as it spoke coherently to him, saying.
                        Follow the Lucknow cash cow rhyme to
                        Gabriel’s Gully of horses & angels go fallen
                        RIO+20 is ECO ’92 as 2MR Montreal YNOT
                        3@666=1998 The STIFF Code that Rests in …?
                        Key to Rebecca’s Elene Fontana & 966931-entity
                        Nines times the Space that measures Day & Night
                        Is Milton’s 3339 “And it was day” Lost Paradise.
      ‘You’re a ventriloquist,’ said Monty when the Indian stopped chanting.
      ‘You put Mafia “L12” Misfit in “vanquish trio”, I see.’
      ‘I don’t believe your snake talked,’ Monty’s confused. ‘What vanish-trio?’
      ‘I only have license. Snake watch too much Monty Python & think fate’s Anthony Hermit saint-day PYTHON/ANTHONY is PAN reverse NAPLES to_’
      ‘What d-you see?’
      ‘Spook legend The Three Sisters.’
      ‘What d-you mean spook legend?’ Monty bewilders undercover identities.
      ‘I read; how you elicit say person doing?
      ‘Elicitor, elicitation,’ Monty thinks aloud. It’s part of spycraft.
      ‘You say — I see regular meetings, many secret & invited only. All talk, show ideas is how master plans watch each other; gauge all plan status. From all type meetings, countries plot & its news of day someone’s folly.’
      ‘You mean Molly?’ Monty’s uncertain what to think.
      ‘If say Molly new landscape to name, when only new to namer. It named many times over till forget. Sometime part or whole are embellished new. Sometime new vanquish old; sometime it both.’
      ‘Some spirits & souls don’t mix, or unexpected. Time big change plan; some places prone to game play. You ELF is duende see to tilde no see.’
      ‘What’s that mean?’ Monty alarms Montgomery place names.
      ‘No me no. I read duende is Montreal “Tres”, & tilde is Montreal “Ares”.’
      ‘That it?’ Monty’s unsure whether to be relieved or disappointed.
      ‘Yes, you pay $51.25.’
      ‘$51.25,’ Monty’s number spooked. Is it today’s 3339 sacred operations?
      Not wanting a scene over whose soliciting & eliciting whom, he paid, satisfied its food for thought & returned to his post. On his BlackBerry to scan Molly’s file, he ponders ARES/MONTREAL difference AMONTLS, but can’t place TRE is in MONTREAL, as where’s S from in SALMON. About to check for ELF, a passing comment distracts.

      ‘Sacred could easy coax Griffin to Lucknow, India. It doesn’t mean ritual-sacrifice’s the reason, but its cause & effect.’ They’d walked arm & arm until Hogan broached her city namesake Canberra.
      ‘So?’ She knew Chicago architect Walter Burley Griffin won 1911-12 International Design competition. He’d hurdles supervising the city until 1921 dismissal & struggled in decline, so seized Lucknow University Library commission by moving to India for other work while architect-wife Marion Mahony closed their practice. But before she arrived, on February 6, 1937 he fell from scaffolding supervising LUL & died in hospital 5-days later.
      ‘An angle to India’s January 26, 1950 Republic Day as January 26, 1930 Declaration of Independence to Australia National Day’s 1788 British penal colony settlement, is Waitangi Day February 6, 1840 is New Zealand’s Day.’
      ‘Only centurion’s 400-diviable as leap-years isn’t proof.’ She considers Gregorian’s 97-leap-years per 400 instead of 100 isn’t 1937-1840=97.
      ‘Duntroon is Canberra-Dunedin connection, as 1809 merchant-shipper Robert Campbell chartered Brothers sealing expedition to New Zealand under Captain Robert Mason is 1st recorded European landing present-day Dunedin. In 1825 Campbell’s reimbursed 700-sheep & land by New South Wales government for loss of chartered-ship Sydney to India, naming today’s Canberra, Duntroon Station after Campbell castle in Scotland.’
      ‘We went to Mount Annan Botanic Gardens for last week’s Poetry Day because it’s in between Sydney suburbs Campbelltown & Camden,’ she’s shocked. ‘You weren’t into Paradise Lost, but chasing March 21, 2012 as 3339 sacred. Is this why we’re at SHB, for 30/3/12?’
      ‘Dunedin’s axis-mundi is an octagon dedicated to Scottish poet Robbie Burns,’ Hogan’s worried about World Poetry Day & Robert Ludlum, not her. Ludlum’s Jason Bourne series concerns a MK-Ultra mind-control assassin & J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher and the Rye 1951-novel is from Burns Comin Thro’ the Rye lyric ‘If a body meet a body, coming through the rye’. Holden Caulfield observes a boy walking down the road singing ‘If a body catch a body coming through the rye’ & imagines standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. At the top, kids are playing in a rye-field. Holden is to catch them if they fall. Salinger changed Burns’ “meet” sexual-reference to “catcher” saving children from vulgarity of society’s corruption & immorality.
      It reflects Hogan’s Both Sides of the Lefthand “Jungle Gym Conservatory” 2-O’clock Rock, as Mark Chapman had Salinger’s novel on him when he shot John Lennon outside New York’s Dakota building, December 8, 1980. Jungle Gym Conservatory’s a prototype circular stairwell modelled on a Timaru cliff-site of 11-viewing platforms as upper & lower 5-finger-spread with palm between for “touch, feel: bringing out our human nature” 7th Osaka Design competition 1994-5. The hand’s face-up & face-down & thumb’s the polarity of politics & literature, as December 8 is 128=LeftHand.
      Bourne’s a CIA 1970’s disbanded political black operations’ minefield, after WWII acquiring Nazi mind-control scientists as Project 63 became MK-Ultra. Cold War countries were perfecting the assassin. It continues today. Some nations prefer private contractors. Hogan’s conspiracy includes private enterprise entities doing it for their own agendas.
      Alarmed, Ludlum’s a Spontaneous Human Combustion victim, catching alight at his Naples, Florida house on February 10, 2001. He spent weeks in a hospital burns-ward & continued home recovery to die of a suspected heart-attack March 12. Hogan’s School House Comet to 1st-leg The Chair competition 1996 The End Los Angeles is SHC, & March 12, 2001 is previous 3339 sacred to 4-Corners of the Metaphysical Tomb’s product first two primes plus one is prime has 5th-entity to 2x3+1=7; 2x3x5+1=31; 2x3x5x7+1=211; 2x3x5x7x11+1=2311, as February 10 is day before 211.
      Hogan continued. ‘In 1833 Campbell built Duntroon House & next generation added 2-storeys of today’s Royal Military College’s Officers Mess, whom report ghost of granddaughter Sophia Campbell’s 30 May 1885 death, falling from her 1st-floor bedroom window, aged 28.’
      ‘Get real!’ she screams. All she needs is a ghost to her city-namesake.
      ‘It started in the Campbell family & servants household, but the legend’s spread into Australia’s elite military academy with many cadets experiencing Sophia paranormal activity. Curiously 2012-1885=128 LeftHand_’
      ‘Forget numbers & change the subject?’ she interrupts.
      Numbers define sacred, thought Hogan. O-Ring failure due extreme frost to early morning launch caused space-shuttle explosion. 7-astronauts killed included 1st-school-teacher in space, Christa McAuliffe. If climate manipulation climaxed Challenger 51-L’s 6-day delayed blastoff January 22 schedule to January 28, 1986, its 128=Left-Hand 2-MR Left-Foot=126.
      Crazy, as aligns Foucault’s Pendulum 1584 missed due 1582 Gregorian.
      The concept’s similar to 186=RightHand & 188=RightHand if 9-digits of Magic 3-Square is 1988 Uncanny A*topia Fiction international architecture program endorsed by Umberto Eco is Regiomontanus “doomsday-prophecy” Comet 4th-centurion that 1588 gripped Europe, so 1986 is 2MR loaded bases. What’s certain is 1986 was Halley’s Comet last appearance.
                         walsh numbers
      Top-row as 2nd-millennium is 1492 Columbus New World discovery. 3rd-column’s remaining 76 approximates Halley’s Comet cycle, whose 1607 appearance coincides Jamestown settlement of North America, but wasn’t proven until Edmund Halley’s 1696 prediction of Christmas Day 1758 return after observing 1682-comet. Remaining 4-cells is ACHE code.
      ‘Milton was Central Otago gateway with streets named after writers.’ He tacked. ‘Today it’s Lawrence 35km further inland, after gold at nearby Gabriel’s Gully began the Otago gold-rush. Australian Gabriel Read had worked Victoria & California goldfields. It’s an anomaly to local history.’
      Conspiracy, she thought, captivated by a town named after John Milton, her favorite poet. It’s when she realized they’d stopped in the proximity of a person, who now stepped forward & asked if she’s Elene Fontana.

      ‘I’m a busker, not a hawker. It’s my spot,’ yells slackattack & on guitar sang:
                              So bye-bye, Miss American Pie.
                              Drove my chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry.
                              And them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
                              Singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die”.
      ‘I’m post-Christian, but know an attack, no matter how dimensional, & Christchurch 6.3-mag earthquake 12.51pm Tuesday February 22, 2011 was technology, not Mother Nature.’ slackattack maintains the stage. ‘Aussies call their trans-Tasman neighbors the Shakey Isles. Christchurch had major quakes late 19th Century, so it’s arguable it was due for another. But 12.51 reversed is 1521 Mayan short-count calendar. February 22 as 222+1776 American Independence is 1998=3@666 & 1776-222=2@777. Geological time isn’t human scale symbolic i.e. 1776=2@888. Triple numbers, you ask. Isn’t ‘six-six-six’ the Mark of the Beast? The Bible’s KJV’s Revelations 13:18 says:
                        Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the
                                    number of man, & the number is six hundred three score & six.
      Some sources give 616 as the Antichrist. 666’s generally accepted with 616 thought a copying error, but scholars have long argued & the oldest known version isn’t Greek words but Greek 616 Gematria letter-number mystery. I’m no preacher, but sum 1-thru-36=666 is why Magic 6-Square secret number’s 111, & 2@111=222, etc.’ slackattack paused to see if anyone contests the stage. A lot’s at stake. New World Americas the epicenter.
      slackattack recalls interior architect in San Francisco stopover on return flight from Montreal only talked of it’s 1989 quake, as did hotel staff. Not picking-up ‘earthquake chatter’ at architects conference doesn’t mean it’s absent as with access limited to mainstream events, slackattack interfaced TIDY deconstruction DITY Do Information Technology Yourself to DIY-series coverstory & busker DITTY deception. For in 1990 the ‘Wahine Investigation’ probed Titans aren’t Greek myths as slackattack didn’t believe technology created earthquakes to order. What’s today’s comprehension for some is Past tense for others & majority’s Future, hasn’t changed for millennia.
      New Zealand’s Cook Strait ferry Wahine sank between South & North Islands on April 10, 1968. The 100th-day of year is 101 leap year, as 1968/4=492; Magic 3-Square’s top row aligns Mexico City Olympics 1968. Hindsight is time’s comprehension, as Wahine’s previous vernacular workings where formalized in TOA to Arc*peace for ECO ’92 Earth Summit Rio de Janeiro. Wahine is Maori for female as suffix in male culture, where TOA is warrior; TOA-wahine is female warrior, etc., etc.
      RIO+20 Earth Summit insights slackattack’s DITTY at Sydney Harbour Bridge, as Christchurch 7.1-mag quake 4.35am September 4, 2010 damaged CBD historic district, but early Saturday had no deaths. Darfield epicenter 46km inland is unknown faultline, & September 4 is 94=ID or DI=49=72, while 4.35 reverse reflects slackattack's HEGA wait-weight loss program DIY manual to Copenhagen Climate Change Summit December 2009 to Vitruvian’s Archimedes coined Eureka after body’s mass displaces equivalent amount of fluid. But jumping from a bath & running naked in the street shouting eureka: “I’ve found it” is Solomon gold’s purer density, as Eureka’s “I’ve got it” Gematria’s 534 to 52=32+42 Pythagoras Theorem to older “What is it” myths confirm Archimedes was divining earthy gold from lighter heavenly Solomon’s Gold floatation. What’s certain, 1st-major quake 2010 was California’s Eureka 6.5-mag, 4.25pm January 9 is DY & I=9th-day.
      slackattack’s busking Don MacLean’s American Pie, as its chorus codes 426-hemi to Boobquake show of cleavage April 26, 2010 global women’s provocation of Iranian cleric’s media-quote “Many women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity & spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes.” It litmus test’s a 6.5-mag quake 190-miles off Taiwan. Boobquake-initiator Jennifer McCreight at USA’s Prudue University said USGS data determines a 95% confidence interval of 0-to-148 daily earthquakes. slackattack’s problem is probability as coincidence, as TAIWAN is Wahine Investigation acronym in TOA if AN=1+14=15=O.
      ‘Careful “what you will” Malvolio?’ a heckler in the crowd shouts.
      slackattack knew 12th-Night as 41st-blueprint is 12x41=492. Is there an antidote to misrule? Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, or What you will as a missing letter-code. Malvolio falls for the trick letter, so thinks Olivia’s in love with him in Act II Scene 5’s line-106 “M.O.A.I. doth sway my life” ciphers 1527, as M.O.A.I. is Malvolio 1st-5th-2nd-7th letters. 106’s a Rosicrucian secret-number as founder Christian Rosenkreutz 1378[13@106] birth & 1484[14@106] death. Marlowesque connotations to Contact-Zero reminds Glenn Cooper novels Library of the Dead & Book of Souls are set in 2007 with 2027 deadline with 1527 & 1947 flashbacks incite 120-year cycles is 1647, 1767, 1887 & 2007, as 1947 Roswell’s last sexagesimal-base.
      MALVOLIO/VIOLA difference MLO aligns 1584/1644 soLOMOn codex to 1996/97 The Mafia “L12” Misfit’s ALICE messages BOB to EVE interception is standard encryption/decryption code-speak to Alice=L, Bob=M, Eve=O, & other “O” Gordon missing-in-action Contact-Zero. Prime Meridian espionage is Elizabethan Mystery Theatre of Longitude tactical & economical advantage solution to navigation. SOE agents compromised in WWII occupied countries without hope of rescue reactivated myths playwright-spy Kit Marlowe escaped May 30, 1593 right-eye ritual stabbing at Eleanor Bull lodging house, on Deptford ship Peppercorn to establish Contact-Zero spy-haven.
      bLOOM codes James Joyce’s Ulysses novel. Part-I acrostic-code S-Y-I letter-number pairing 19-25=6 & 25-9=16 to June 16 Bloomsday setting, & 616 is other-half 161616 comprises 666 with Magic 6-Square’s 111. slackattack’s Frieze: Vitruvian Wave 161 Architecture to 22nd-UIA Congress Istanbul 2005 interfacing Boxing Day 2004 Banda Aceh tsunami as frieze to scotia-&-dado architecture, juxtaposing Vitruvian’s “3-conditions for good architecture” as Firmness=Stately; Commodity=You & Delight=Inelectable. XYXYXY: all triple doublet digits are 777-dividable i.e. 161616/777=208.
      To hold the stage, but uncertain why England’s Charles II renamed 12th Night, Malvolio, he took a punt. ‘What’s 1492+62 installation architecture is 1527 to you?’ demands slackattack, to get an unexpected reception.

      ‘I’m not Elene Fontana,’ Canberra redirects. ‘But we meet her at_’
      ‘Her codename,’ Hogan chimes in. ‘As a Tetraphobia fearing number four said Elene Fontana codes ELF secrets “energy” to Montana hides M=13=4.’
      ‘ELF,’ startles Monty, changing focus to the woman’s companion.
      ‘Extremely Low Frequency transmission communicates with submarines. It’s being developed as a weapon to destroy underground bunkers i.e. Iran’s nuclear facilities. Critics see it as a force to create the next Polar Shift,’ replies Hogan. Introductions are exchanged & 333=9 sacred previewed.
      ‘What’s ELF to 30zero31 climax at the iron lung?’ asks Monty.
      As a disgruntled Canberra went to Shakespeare’s 12th-Night at nearby speaker’s corner, he put aside the later domestic, to recall another fleeting person at Mount Annan Botanic Gardens. Memory-rhyme 30-days have September, April, June & November. All the rest have 31, except February’s 28 & leap year’s 29 was 966931-entity’s JASON 30zero31 pitch. 5-months July August September October November negates no 5th-Prime sequence as 2x3x5x7x11x13+1=30031=59x509, & Sydney Mardi Gras Parade’s RIO float failure ensures 6th-Prime’s “five-ten five-eleven” isn’t dead & buried, even if 2x3x5x7x11x13x17+1=511510=19x97x277 in JASON think-tank’s 1st-consultancy was Project Sanguine development of ELF technology. 966931-entity juxtaposed sanguine: hopeful; optimistic from Latin sanguis=blood, with sang-nine to the RIO float’s intended Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs duality with Sleeping Beauty as glass-coffin variation to Quiz.
      But if Monty knows of 966931-entity, why ask about 30zero31 unless iron lung’s key. He code spoke. ‘59x492=29zero28 is its other.’
      ‘Before & after code Charles Lindbergh,’ Monty’s surprised 28-29-30-31 is years between the aviator’s Spirit of St Louis wins 1st-transatlantic-flight 1919 Orteig Prize, flying New York to Paris May 20-21, 1927 & March 1, 1932 kidnap of 20-month-old Charles Junior from Hopewell, NJ home.
      5-years after being 1st-global celebrity, Lindbergh’s “crime of the century” embroiled. Later he pioneered a heart-pump that others develop into heart-lung machine for transplants. In 1927-32 Sydney Harbour Bridge is called iron lung as iron construction supports many families in the Depression. True, but Depression’s 1930-38, so Hogan returns to Gabriel’s Gully test-case of Lawrence as Central Otago gateway, in how sobriquets, like sacred have multiple meanings, & even their changes don’t happen by chance.
      ‘Henry Montgomery Lawrence was hero of Lucknow Military Campaign 1857,’ said Hogan, explaining how New Zealand’s gold-rush town Lawrence was named after the British military leader in India who died in Lucknow 1857, citing suspicions Gabriel Read wasn’t the prospector’s real name. Prospecting’s no reward or incredible wealth, so only middlemen make living, i.e. Lawrence. Petty crime to survive & disputes amongst a secretively transient workforce rife to fever rumor means names would regularly change at a fresh stake, without being the “one-in-millions” striking gold. PR, crisis management & spin doctors aren’t a recent invention.
      He concluded. ‘Embedding realty in truth doesn’t mean it hasn’t been manufactured for alter motives. Gabriel Read is 1861 meaningful.’
      ‘What’s it to a Lindbergh code?’ bewilders Monty. Molly’s file includes COAT is Christchurch-Oamaru-Ashburton-Timaru & hanger is aircraft shed, but are claims Timaru aviator Richard Pearce flew before the Wright Brothers why’s iron lung become coathanger. Pearce living in Milton for a time is said behind 4-Corners to the Metaphysical Tomb, as 4-city COAT hides Dunedin in 5-city CATOD infers CAT-OD is “31 time-of-death” & whatever else codies want to make it, while DOTAC reads DOT 13 & DO 2013 etc. All bullshit to an operative & Lindbergh’s a man of action.
      ‘Cash cow rhymes Lucknow. The British term derives from the Indian ritual of offering money to temple idols in the form of sacred cows, whereas sacred cow rhyme means immune from question or criticism.’
      ‘So?’ Monty knew US-President’s Air-Force-One jet is called sacred cow.
      ‘A gold-rush is the ultimate cash cow, typifying they’re not without end. Gabriel Read conjures imagery in re-AD Christian context of Abrahamic 7-archangels, beginning Uriel & ending Michael, whereby Uriel with flaming sword guarding The Garden of Eden begins again. 15th Century Trithemius sacred-doctrine claimed ruler-of-the-Sun cosmic-fire Gold would institute new arts, astronomy, astrology, science of architecture, & predicted the Jews return to their homeland. Following reflective-Moon archangel Gabriel 1525-1881 is Archangel Michael. Gabriel Read found gold May 20, 1861.’
      ‘Exactly 66-years later, Lindbergh departs New York.’ But Monty focuses the decomposed baby’s recovered 72-days later May 12 with head fractures, both hands & left-leg missing. Identification’s overlapping toes on right-foot.
      ‘Fame & fortune results in miss-spelt 50,000$ ransom-note of last 2-lines: The child is in gut care. Indication for all letters are singnature & 3-holes. Lindbergh paid the ransom, but still lost son.’ Hogan knew its circling-square/squaring-circle machine geometry conceals Magic 3-Square’s 1930-to-1938 Great Depression. Symbol’s too intelligent for petty-crim/would-be carpenter Bruno Hauptmann. Fall-guy to Lindbergh is BERLIN DHG=487, the latter only Prime as 93rd, equates 2012-487=1525 Archangel Gabriel.
      ‘What’s it to Elene Fontana?’ Monty wants to get back on track.
      ‘Fontana is TOA FANNY to YNOT code 4-Corners of Metaphysical Tomb.’ Hogan knew Fanny is thought from Frances, but British slang infers female genitalia & bum is American, so Francis possible. Stephanie is alternative. Fan is Latin vannus winnowing basket. Sydney Harbour Bridge SHB=1982 to Hogan’s Bourne Identity interface of Ludlum’s novel with SHC=1983. It’s his awakening TOA awareness, after Christchurch & Dunedin staff acquisition resulted in #17 squaring corner March/April/May with hypotenuse twist to duplicate #26 format. Crazy if it’s activity’s foul-play in celebrity chef Matt Golinski of TV’s Ready Steady Cook loosing wife & 3-kids when Sunshine Coast Tewantin home’s engulfed by fire, early morning Boxing Day 2011.
      ‘Why the code-speak?’ Unable to remember the snake’s prediction, Monty recalls Molly saying its spy cliché, but if I told you I’d have to kill you.
      ‘Because 59x492=29zero28 is 30zero31=59x509 other to 5th-Prime_’
      ‘Maya 5th-World End heralds a new beginning, not Westerner End Times. Next you’ll say Truman authorizing MAJESTIC-12 isn’t conspiracy.’
      ‘But Roswell Army Air Field July 8, 1947 press-release of 509th Bomb Group recovering crashed flying-disk & next-day’s radar-tracking weather balloon statement is Roswell basis late-70’s after ufologist interviewed Major Jesse Marcel in Foster ranch debris found by foreman Mac Brazel, over military covered-up Alien spacecraft & bodies at R&D Area-51, Lake Groom, New Mexico. 3x509=1527 & 33x59=1947 is 333=9 sacred_’ Hogan halts.
      A speaker’s corner disturbance has him rushing to the scene.

      Heckler going to ViP “vortex to the heart” of slackattack’s HEGA: wait-weight loss program DIY manual has pseudonym reeling over “what’s 1492+62=1527 to you?”, having not foreseen 12th-Night’s What you will abstracts WUWT climate change skeptic website to YNOT code.
      ‘You’re a leftie we can do without,’ the heckler adds. ‘Next you’ll say 12th-Night’s 41st-blueprint to “t-w-ELF-th” code-speak T-double-U global warming TH=208x777=161616/364=444 hocus pocus conspiracy 1344+444=1788 Australian settlement to 222 Christchurch quake is Mark of the Beast.’
      ‘Pritzker Architecture Prize Bronze Medallion includes Sullivan-design & commodity/firmness/delight of Henry Wotton’s 1624 The Elements of Architecture translation of Vitruvian’s Ten Books on Architecture highlight quote: “The end is to build well. Well-building has 3-conditions: Commodity-Firmness-Delight”, reversing original Firmness-Commodity-Delight. CFD=364,’ slackattack scrambles to interface Aldo Rossi’s Autonomous Researcher.
      13th-anniversary of Milan architect’s single-car death driving to his Lago Marggiore House on September 4, 1997 is Christchurch 2010 quake. Sacred is Rossi’s 14th-recipent on 13th- Pritzker giving, as 10th to Philip Johnson 1st Laureate 1979 was 2-laureates 1988. But before slackattack activates Autonomous Researcher in science-art prize to father-of-skyscraper Chicago architect Louis Sullivan’s Kindergarten Chats as 13-years later 24th/25th laureates receive 23rd-prize in 2001 months before 911, a woman yells.
      ‘Henry Wotton’s hedonistic-views influenced Dorian Gray in Oscar Wilde’s commissioning by the American publisher of Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine for a serialized-story after 1889’s The Portrait of Mr. W.H. success. 1890 The Picture of Dorian Gray was heavily criticized for depravity & reworked for its 1891 novel publishing, both mentioned in his sodomy trials.’
      ‘What?’ slackattack’s become entangled in the Autonomous Researcher.
      ‘Literati would connect “onlie begetter” of Shakespeare’s Sonnets 1609 Mr. W.H. dedication to Henry Wotton of Vitruvian mistranslation, letter-wrote only casualty’s a man’s breeches caught fire rescuing a child, but he dowsed them with his drink when Globe Theatre burnt down June 29, 1613 during Shakespeare’s All Is True, today’s re-titled King Henry VIII. Its Breeches Bible identifiable from KJV by Genesis 3.7: made themselves breeches.’
      ‘Shutup,’ the heckler confronts her over June’s 4th-month Julian.
      ‘Wilde reaffirms intent coinciding trials, claiming his Shakespeare’s Sonnets & 2nd-draft The Florentine Tragedy, The Portrait of Mr. W.H. extended version & the much sought-after The Duchess of Padua & Cardinal of Aragon manuscripts were stolen from his 16 Tite Street London residence in 1895?’
      ‘Scholarship cites there’s no evidence they ever existed,’ the heckler argues, saying quietly to Canberra. ‘Mention WH/HW is August 23, 2011 largest US east coast quake at 5.8-magnitude since 1886 felt from Georgia to Toronto at 1:51 PM of Virginia’s Mineral epicenter shutdown nearby North Anna nuclear power station, & I’ll deal to you.’
      ‘Hogan believes that earthquake bullshit. I’m into Literature_’
      ‘Correct,’ Hogan shoves the heckler away from her.
      ‘You’ll regret that,’ the heckler with knife charges.
      ‘Leave,’ Monty intervenes. Itching for a fight all day, his attention turns to the knife wielder. ‘Break a leg. This isn’t Queensbury Rules.’
      As Canberra dragged Hogan around The Rocks, Monty easily subdued the aggressor. Remembering the fortune teller saying “ELF is duende see to tilde no see”, he began his interrogation. ‘Why take the Wilde offense?’
      ‘SID is Sybil Isabel Dorsett split-personality case study of Shirley Ardell Mason is SAM. You don’t know if 5-balls is 5th-World End or 30zero31.
      ‘I’ve your company until tonight’s Megaball to find-out.’ Monty put his victim in a sleeper hold, telling the crowd it’s the coathanger appointment at the iron lung wavelength. slackattack getting-up Autonomous Researcher did the rest, as everyone rightly thought its part of the show.

Barrie Walsh is a fruitpicker in Griffith, NSW, Australia, with a background in practical and theoretical architecture. For the past 3-4 years he has been writing a collection of short stories on conspiracy architecture under NUTS: Noctural U-Turn Suite working title with following publications.

3 @ write this — pretend press
2 @ Booranga Anthology [4W20, 4W21] Wagga Wagga Writers Writers CSU
2 @ Twisted Tongue Magazine
1 @ Emprise Review
1 [poem] Chapbook “No One Hears Me!” The Soliloquy Competition, Melbourne Shakespeare Society.
1 short-listed competition — Boroondara Literary Awards [2009]

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